Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez examines what led to the murderous fall and shocking death of former NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez.

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Released: January 15, 2020
Runtime: 63 min
Genres: Crime
Companies: Netflix

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yellow_rose1 4 points 4 days ago

I really enjoy this too, I learned things about this case that I had no idea, thanks for the uploads

magically_delicious 2 points 4 days ago *

After watching this entire Docuseries and doing extensive research, I have to comment that this “case” is in no way straightforward. It’s a tangled web of the abuses, social pressures, social taboos and life experiences, combined with the American football machine and horrible (horrific) physical and brain injuries that occur. This was man was not a killer, he was an asset to the American football machine that was made a killer through their direct neglect of him as a person. NOT ONE living creature should be subjected to this kind of physical and emotional abuse, ever. This does in no way discount murder, but it shifts the blame to where it rightfully belongs.

DebbyDebb 2 points 3 days ago *

I have such mixed feelings after watching this documentary. He was a very troubled young man and I believe a lot (not all) has to do with the club owners and coaches. It’s all about money. I think they turned their heads quite a bit and Aaron got away with a lot. I’ve known professional athletes personally in the past because I worked for Molson and they sponsored many teams. A player for the NHL stands out in my mind. I won’t mention his name but he was traded from team to team to basically be a body guard/fighter when all he wanted to do was play hockey. I remember him saying “if I wanted to be a boxer and fight, I would have been a boxer and fought”. He too had a troubling upbringing and not the best relationship with his father. When I heard he died from a drug overdose (they didn’t call it suicide but I put two and two together), I was not in the least bit surprised. I put the blame on the NHL and the owners and coaches. Having said that, hockey too is a high impact sport where they’re brains and bodies get knocked around big time. I also think the pain killers they were injecting into Aaron’s body, mixed with the high amount of weed he smoked were a recipe for disaster. Shame on them.

TheFreakyRobber 1 points 4 days ago

Wow this is a great docuseries!! Instantly hooked.

toddy0125 1 points 4 days ago

Binge watch this

sunshinedaydreamz1 0 points 3 days ago

Straight up serial killer psychopath, zero sympathy for this guy. Lots of people have hard lives and they don’t go out and kill 3 people. Either the football team big wigs are trying to get sympathy, because they ignored the signs on the evaluation test because they knew they would make bank of this guy, or the family wants to blame the sport for his brain injury so they get millions of dollars. Anyway you slice it, this guy was a loser, and I feel no sympathy for him. I do feel for the innocent victims that he killed, and their family’s. Such a waste.

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